Nolin BPO Services is a full-service offshore development and information technology outsourcing firm that delivers services and solutions to enterprises globally. With a goal to revolutionize the global e-commerce industry, Nolin BPO founded in 2004 focused on digital innovation driven by smart solutions, new ideas and advances in technology. Our aim is to make our solutions user-friendly and adaptable.

Over the years, we have established three offices strategically located in four countries – US, Pakistan, Canada and Philippines with more than 100 team members. Our parent company is situated in Georgia, USA focusing on vendor management, shipping, logistics and other value-added services.
With our experience of offering secure e-commerce services to clients globally, Nolin BPO launched “Farjazz”, an e-commerce shopping solution for Pakistan. We are one of the largest online shopping platforms and we cater to all market segments with an easy and hassle-free online shopping experience.

All our digital solutions are thoughtfully curated to meet the rapidly evolving need of the time. Our focus remains on offering targeted services that help boost ROI. With a solution driven approach, NOLIN BPO SERVICES has helped businesses to reach their business goals in a faster and efficient manner.
NOLIN BPO SERVICES has always strived to drive pragmatic solutions that help businesses and individuals in their day to day operations. Emerging with the same vision, we have unlocked a newer milestone with Van Wala.

Van Wala

Van Wala is a ride hailing service for school, college and university students, and for professionals travelling to and from their educational institutions or work thus, making commute simpler, safer, hassle free and convenient.

Van Wala is a brainchild of Mr. Noman Rao, a visionary with a knack for details. Mr. Noman Rao came up with this idea when he observed the difficulty faced by students and parents alike to commute to and from educational institutions and workplaces. What started from an observation, soon transformed into a full-fledged business idea paving way for Van Wala – a 360 commute solution.

Upon brainstorming, NOLIN BPO came to this conclusion that the need for a van service is greater than ever. It is common observation to see vans depicting poor safety condition crammed with passengers without adequate space and safety protocols. Similarly, your loved ones at home are constantly worried about the unexpected delays, and the uninformed pick up and drop off timings making it difficult to manage day to day errands.

Van Wala puts an end to your safety, security and management concerns with a dedicated application that makes it easier to monitor the pickup, drop off, seat allocation, estimated arrival, departure and much more.