Benefits of a Pick and Drop Service for Commuters In Karachi



Benefits of a Pick and Drop Service for Commuters In Karachi

Karachi, a metropolis buzzing with cars and individuals who are constantly on the run. Walk across any street and you’d see people standing in the scorching sun waiting for a bus overloaded with people to reach their desired destination, or mothers walking their children to school. The lack of a mass transportation system is the need of time. However, if that cannot happen, people still need safe means of transportation to and fro school, universities or offices. Thereby, to make commute safer for everyone, Van Wala is coming up with a state-of-the-art mobile application that is dedicated to make transport hassle free and safer for everyone.

Going to university, school or work is a necessity that one cannot definitely avoid. Getting up in the morning everyday with the stress of figuring out if your child will safely reach school, you’d miss your own point, or if your colleague will be able to pick you up on time can be quite cumbersome. However, with VanWala, you can just pay a nominal amount for your monthly commute at the start and safely reach your destination in air conditioned vans.

If you are still contemplating, below are some benefits of this service:

Reduced Transportation Cost

With inflation and hike in petrol prices, two way commute generally costs an arm and a leg. With a pick and drop service, you can share the cost with other passengers reaching your destination with ease. The shared cost makes it easier to travel every day to school, work or your university and the passenger does not have to undergo the everyday struggle to take a bus, cab or drive all the way to the destination. It is not only cost efficient, but also offers greater convenience and peace of mind.

Air Conditioned Transportation

If you dread the thought of going to university or work due to the scorching heat, need not worry. The air conditioned fleet will make transport easier and rewarding. Travel in comfort with Van Wala.


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